kermitdef: (Kati Fucking me?)
KermitDeF ([personal profile] kermitdef) wrote2015-05-14 03:35 pm

Jem and the Hollywoods

So I watch the trailer for the live-action Jem and the Holograms. WTF Hollywood? Why did you turn it into a Hanna Montana movie? Yes, Jem DID do it first, where the drama of the whole show is struggling two identities, but you made that the only thing the movie is about. Where is the ONE major element that made this not just another "girly-girl meant-for-girls" TV show that even attracted a male audience back in the day? Did you forget why "The Holograms" were called that? Where is my digitalized dead mother inside a super computer creating on-the-fly holograms? That was is how they changed there outfits and hair like magic. Now Synergy is nothing but there fashion designer? Eff you Hollywood, for taking the sci-fi out of a sci-fi story.

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