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They took the MK:Rebirth short film/pitch and got them making mini-series webisodes.

5 or so episodes are out at this, the time of my discovery.

Tee Hee

Jan. 14th, 2011 09:02 am
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Warning. The following may contain an over abundance of teh cute. Viewer discrestion is advised.

Also part 2 here, or follow the links on youtube on the right:
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Oh goody...Squenix is a sponsor.
Animal Ear Maids! The secret important characters! :)
GLOMP! by hyper-active girl to female lead...totally NOT familiar.
*sighting* Orange-kun!
Female lead is betrothed..dude doesn't really care about it...and she has a special title...totally NOT familiar.
*sighting* Orange-kun! (dem's be fightin words)
Secret gathering area for secret plottings on campus...totally totally NOT familiar.
Oh...and Orange-kun seems to have something on his face... the Chibi Renamon!
Nekkid powers activate! (and yay for multiple nekkids per ep)
Why climb over the only non barbed wire part of the fence when you have needle-nose pliers?
HAHAHAHAHAAAA! "Galactic Pretty Boy"!?!?! I thought that was just the Ep name...HAHAHAHAAA.
ED...Get her kitty!
Preview...return of Chibi Renamon.
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Suppose it's time to update again. The last few days have been a bit interesting. From seeing my very own burial plot to be, and finding out that the cemetery doesn't use headstones (though I saw one there), to paying a visit to Tai and Eli's place on Valentine's Day for 2 hours in order to "plug it in the right hole" (lmao, couldn't resist). But today made me extremely happy. I went to the well known in the area candy store Freak Lunchbox for the first time today, to discover that they do indeed sell chocolate covered coffee beans in bulk. I'm currently munching away, and washing them down a bit tweaked :)


Sep. 29th, 2009 05:52 pm
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What a way to spend my two nights off. A chest cold to beat all chest colds. As if the coughing fits from my last illness still being around wasn't bad enough, this amplified them to painful heaves bringing up phlegm smelling of blood, which I promptly choke on. So I think I'm going to die for lack of breathing every time I cough. I went to bed early, hoping to sleep it off, plus I had a large meal, so my motivation to do anything else was low. Just in time for bed, the fever came. And the delirium. While wide awake, I could close my eyes and the hallucinations would begin. It was like having a fucked up dream while still awake. I would open my eyes, and all would stop, then close them again, and back to a land most druggies would dream of. Of course, this was no good to me, as I wanted to SLEEP, and the fuckery was a wee tad distracting. So after about two hours of opening and closing, I did the impossible. You've heard of lucid dreaming...well I performed lucid halluciantion. Without going into detail, because it's too fucked up...lets say, the images I saw had option menus not unlike Windows or something. I simply used my "eyes" to select the "close" box and the images stopped. If I opened my eyes and closed them again, the images would resume, but then I could just "close" them again. So the trick was to not open my eyes. Yatta yatta yatta, today I go to the store to buy meds, despite the fever being gone, but my chest being in the same amount of pain...only to realize, that just like when I had the big bad Sinus Infection, I ALREADY had meds at home...damn delirium making me forget about my drug stocks I say.
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FUCK YOU The Source by Circuit City now owned by Bell! So I now know why my Source Card still doesn't work. Despite having just paid the delinquent part of my bill, they require me to pay my bill on time every month for six months before I can use it again. What fuckery is this? Aren't credit cards in the business of letting me buy stuff and paying them back with interest? What fucking motivation do I have to pay any more onto the bill, ever? Had I known this was going to happen, I would have used the money I just gave them to buy the things I wanted to put on the card. Where is this punishment listed on my Cardholder's Agreement? You know..the one that I have with the name RadioShack on it because that's how long I've been a card carrying member. These people punish me for being late due to reasons beyond my control, and now that I gave them a big chunk of change, I'll be behind on other bills. Well, they're not getting one more cent from me. This is the last straw from the banking world. An idea I've been tinkering with is about to come to fruition. The papers are being filled out, and soon to be delivered.
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What..have...I...done...or not deserve this shit. So I convert my surviving drive to NTFS. ZoneAlarm doesn't like this in ways that are way too technical to go on about here. So I figure, I have my shiny new 1.5 Terabyte external drive, so I'm safe to low level format this sucker and start from scratch, yet again. So I re-install my new copy of Corporate Xp Pro sp3 with Windows Genuine Advantage hacks...well now..the WGA hacks don't seem to work. Now Windows Update knows I don't have a good copy. WHY!?!?!?! How can a reinstall change what was already in place? Why would it not bitch at me an hour beforehand when I did an update before deciding to wipe the HD? And on top of that, despite my love of IE7, it won't work with a website that I am (for now) FORCED to use (AND that's a post for later), thus forcing me to use FireFucksFox. So now the quest of finding a new copy of XP to download that can subvert the WGA.

Oh, and just before finishing this post, I've discovered my sound card isn't installed...peachy.
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As of July 12, 2009, at 12:51am my time (duh), I'm an uncle. There are also a bunch of open access super-powered Cisco wireless routers all over the waterfront now for this years Tall Ships event, including one placed on the roof of my booth's neighbour, which with luck, will remain in place (and open) after the event.

Two guesses which of the above I'm more happy about.
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What a coinkadink. Shortly after finally seeing Eddie Izzard's routines after knowing OF him for some time, he keeps popping up places I'm looking (such as recently watching Ocean's 12+13 for the 1st time and seeing him there). I recently decided to look for a new torrent for the radio drama version of The Day of the Triffids, since my old torrent was bunk. During my intrabutt travels, I discovered that the BBC is making another live action Triffids show. It might be a movie, which would be good to replace that old US B-movie version, but I believe it will be a serial. Anywhos, Eddie Izzard will be in it, and as a particular nasty character of whom "cake or death" is ironically fitting. Another good thing I found out was that there was an authorized sequel (as in, written by someone else) to Triffids entitled "Night of the Triffids". I have only found an audio book version of it, but that's ok.
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The following is an open letter to everybody involved with the Dragonball: Evolution movie, especially the fat cats who will (or are expecting to) make money off of it, and the writers:

Please make your way down to the nearest adult video store or marital aide shop and buy yourselves a nice, big, fat, spikey dildo, then go home, drop trough, and

I was expecting it to be bad. Oh, I was expecting it to be really bad. As in, cheesy stupid kiddie movie with bad costumes and bad makeup kinda bad. But when I saw that even the things that I THOUGHT was done right, was done horribly wrong, I was glad that I only downloaded this hunk of shit so that none of my money will ever support this steaming pile. I KNEW the changes in the storyline were arsed, I knew that Goku was gonna be an whiny emo instead of who he's supposed to be, but he's the main character, so OF COURSE you have to fuck his character up. But to bastardize the other characters the way you did...for fuck's sake. Let's change all the supporting characters motives for doing what they're doing to be completely selfish fucked up reasons that if "I" was Goku (this movie version), I would've just punched them in the face and carried on without them.

Now to rant about what you fucks call Ki. Air bending!? Motherfucking air bending!? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Could you not do enough research to watch the Dragon Ball episode entitled "The KameHameHa Wave" (for frig's sake) to understand how they do that shit? Or are you stupid Avatar fanfucks who don't understand the difference and by saying "air bending" enough times the Avatar people might dump money on your porch for the "free" advertising? And whether is was a real KameHameHa, or the bending of air, how the fuck do you explain that is can light the fire lamps? Super duper compressed hot air maybe? That the after effect of the air blowing around wouldn't just blow the thing right out again? THEN we see Roshi use a KameHameHa on Goku like a crash cart...something like a scene out of a certain Anime TV series of an AU of a popular Capcom franchise, which DOES go along with what Ki is supposed to tell me, fuckhead writers, how bent air, formed with the power of one's Ki or not, can give life energy to another?

Plot holes aside (and there are many), I don't see how any fan of any other incarnation of Dragon Ball (ya, that's right, two words motherfuckers) could actually enjoy this movie on any level. It didn't even satisfy a longing to see a live-action Dragon Ball (besides the illegal Chinese one). It was just so bad. Hell, Roger Coorman directed a Fantastic Four movie that was never released just so that the company could hold the rights to it so they could make the better *cough* movies years later, and THAT movie was better and more enjoyable and actually kept that franchise's story and feel intact. Shame. Shame on you all.
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Konami Digital Entertainment now controls all things relating to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. They are printing the products themselves and organizing the Organized Play everywhere, including here. Now if I only had some gawddamned money to buy all the cards I haven't been keeping up with.
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Regene has his own couch! It's purple! In his own secret room! Somewheres in space! Plottin wit China Tits! Fucking Regene!

Hahaha! Marina does have a use...doing the laundry.

Kati and Billy don't remember each other?! WOT! Were they both so obsessed with Leesa back then that they ignored everyone else around them, inlcuding those who Leesa hung out with?

*Ptolemy Crew* "Oh hai there Lyle. We knows you are from Katharon."
*Knights Who Say Ni* "Shh!"

More uselessness from Alleujah...doesn't even show if he shoots down one A-Laws suit.

Ok Setsuna, we get it; you leurve Marina. Now hurry up and get wit da fightin!

WTFuckery from Kati! Why on earth would she stop the attack on CB just because of the coop!

Boy, fansubbers are getting a bit cheeky, eh? Trans-Graham is an instant classic that we'll see everyone and their dog use to describe Mr. Retardo's Trans-Am.
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Wow, Re:CoM writers, just wow. What kind of crack are you people smoking. One new scene in Reverse Rebirth = double continuity error. I assure you, this isn't a retcon issue, they made up new shit that fucks with the continuity of CoM itself, including this version. There's also a stupid animated thingie in the RR credits that's a continuity fuck up.

Apparently, the raincoats have an actual function. There is now a scene where DiZ gives Riku a raincoat, but not to Mickey, so we still don't know where his comes from. The raincoats have two special abilities; They hide the "scent" of the wearer, so they may roam freely without being detected, and they suppress one's own Darkness from overthrowing the wearer (you know, like how everyone was warning everyone about messing with the Heartless in KH1).

And here is the double error. The whole "scent" thing introduced in the original CoM, is still very present in this version. Riku still "smells" the dark scent on others...INCLUDING ORG13 MEMBERS WEARING THEIR COATS. Then there's effect number two. This effect didn't seem to protect Riku from becoming Ansem-Riku in KH2...but there's more on that, which is the ending fuck up.

During the credits we see one of the normal little windows showing us a scene as we are used to in KH games. We see Riku and Mickey in their coats, walking through the Great Maw, and Riku suddenly grasps his chest in pain, then recovers (oh noes! The Dark Is Rising!).

Then we see a scene where an adult size raincoat-wearer approaches DiZ and Namine next to Sora's pod. The head is exposed, but all we can see, from the front, is the chin down, and some hair that can only belong to the Ansem-Riku. Now this may be a scene after he introduced himself to DiZ as Ansem, but I thought I saw a look of surprise on DiZ...I'll hafta recheck that.
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Of the various animes I've been watching of late, two of my new favourites being recommendations, Tytania just whacked me with an emotional roller coaster in episode 12. I was like "Hey, there's that asshole...I hope he gets his" followed by my favourite supporting main character giving it to him a bit later. KICK ASS! I love Princess Miranda. She's funny as hell, but when it's battle time, she doesn't fool around...and yet keeps a non-psycho smile on her face as she machine guns down the baddies. She's like Princess Leia wearing Rebel Endor pilot gear, but has balls the size of the swing of Tiger Woods. Near the end, we have a bit of a climax, where I went "Yes! No! YES! FUCK DAMN WHY?! and Well for fuck sakes!" all right after each other. The FUCK DAMN WHY was a necessary plot point, but that doesn't mean I had to like that someone I vicariously liked through Hyulick died, when the "Well for fuck sakes" following it was someone who lived, who should have died. Though he is now disfigured, and he deserves it. But now I wonder what they'll do to his character after what is such a traumatic event to him...his looks are very important to him, you see. This show is panning out to be one of those ones where you actually care about the characters, so I recommend it to ye who may have only slightly poked it, especially since the recommendation to me for it was at the bottom of the list as "spose you could also try...".
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I needs me some more shows of the Japanese animation persuasion. Post yer suggestions here.
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I have a musing to share, and some comments to share. After the last episode, I had a great idea on the bus, when I song played on my iPod. It's too bad that I don't have the patience to actually make an AMV, but I can share the cracky thoughts in my head.

"Weird Al" Yankovic's "Spy Hard" to scenes of Gundam 00. It works for so many characters. As opposed to making a single character based AMV, it would encompass many of the characters. Just think, how many of them are like spies? How many of them ARE spies? How many of them may be revealed as spies? :)

I downloaded the 1st ep of the dub. My complaints are as follows...voices and pronounciations (Gee, I seem to be becoming an anti-dub fanboy!). Patrick's voice is full of fail, and he can't even pronounce his own last name. Graham's voice is "ok" but seems too manly for him, like he's older. Setsuna is voiced (with NO differences) by the guy who did Light in the dub of Death Note...I CAN'T STAND THIS. Lockon is kinda normalish sounding, perhaps too normal...but he also can't pronounce his own name (where, oh where, do they find these people). He pronounces Stratos as "Strat-us". You know, like "Trish Stratus". I have never met a living person who couldn't pronounce that before.
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I knew there was a reason why TNG is one of my favourite shows of all time.

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Some fucker just stole my DS!!! This is what I get for being nice. Dude's at bus stop waiting for bus. I let dude play my DS. Dude comes on bus with me and gets off at my stop, then beats it outta there with my DS in hand. He got my New Super Mario Bros. and my MMBN5...goddamnit not my MMBN5!!! I just re-got that and re-beat it and was working hard at 100% completion again! Fucking damn! At least he didn't get FFIV. If I ever see that shit, he'll know not to fuck with me again.
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