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It's time to start my new on-going series, to be updated whenever I witness some stupidity, rudeness, basic bullshit, etc., even though I can think of many, I'll wait till the events crop up again in life.
It's time for, That Really Burns My Bacon! Today: That Really Burns My Bacon: Transit Edition.

Dear Mr. Bus Driver. You saw me. You saw me running for the bus. You saw me when you were still behind me driving to the bustop, a good full minute earlier than you ususally arrive there. You saw a man not in the greatest health, start running from 2 feet away from the back of the bus. You saw me waving frantically in that little side mirror of yours. You saw me get halfway to the door. This is when you closed the door and drove off.
Fuck you.
I caught another bus half a minute later bound to meet up with you at the next Bus Terminal. I get there. I see you. You see me. I'm moving as quick as I can and bee-lining for you. You close the door and drive off.
Fuck you.
It's starting to rain.
You are lucky I wasn't able to make out your face Mr. Bus Driver, or it would have a fancy new shape the next time we met.

P.S. This happened yesterday, I posted to FB first then kinda forgot to here.

Date: 2014-09-19 01:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] taichara
Sounds like due cause to make an actual complaint, yup.


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