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Whee! Lookit all the shinies!
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Mar. 23rd, 2017 12:55 pm
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You came into my life in a hectic flash. You chose me before I chose you. You became my son. When you finally learned to speak, I felt the same pride as any father. You hated being held and hugged like any boy, but I did it anyway. The sound of my bed springs compressing when I laid down was your signal to join me and demand attention. We enjoyed each other's company for almost 15 years. But now your body has failed you, and today I had to make the decision between my own selfish need for your presence, and your relief from this debilitative state. You may be gone from my floor, my furniture, my side, but you will always be in my memory and heart.

RIP Maxwell J. Headroom
April 2002 - March 2017
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My new Ultra Magnus came in, yay! He's pretty cool.
Here he is:
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After rearranging and slight remodeling of my room, I can now say I only need to leave my room to pee and poop (going to work and doing laundry not included).

PC: Check
TV: Check
Game Consoles: Check
Mini-Fridge: Check
Water Cooler: Check
Keurig Mini: Check
Air Conditioner: Check
Fan: Check
Nu-Wave Oven: Check
Book Shelf: Check
MP3 CD Stereo: Check
Movie Collection: Check
Hamper: Check
Bed: Check
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So I watch the trailer for the live-action Jem and the Holograms. WTF Hollywood? Why did you turn it into a Hanna Montana movie? Yes, Jem DID do it first, where the drama of the whole show is struggling two identities, but you made that the only thing the movie is about. Where is the ONE major element that made this not just another "girly-girl meant-for-girls" TV show that even attracted a male audience back in the day? Did you forget why "The Holograms" were called that? Where is my digitalized dead mother inside a super computer creating on-the-fly holograms? That was is how they changed there outfits and hair like magic. Now Synergy is nothing but there fashion designer? Eff you Hollywood, for taking the sci-fi out of a sci-fi story.
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Well damn, my 1.5TB external HD is giving me the dreaded Seagate "click of death" and it's pretty damned full of all my goodies. Need to get a new drive ASAP and try to transfer all I can before it goes into catastrophic failure.
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It's time to start my new on-going series, to be updated whenever I witness some stupidity, rudeness, basic bullshit, etc., even though I can think of many, I'll wait till the events crop up again in life.
It's time for, That Really Burns My Bacon! Today: That Really Burns My Bacon: Transit Edition.

Dear Mr. Bus Driver. You saw me. You saw me running for the bus. You saw me when you were still behind me driving to the bustop, a good full minute earlier than you ususally arrive there. You saw a man not in the greatest health, start running from 2 feet away from the back of the bus. You saw me waving frantically in that little side mirror of yours. You saw me get halfway to the door. This is when you closed the door and drove off.
Fuck you.
I caught another bus half a minute later bound to meet up with you at the next Bus Terminal. I get there. I see you. You see me. I'm moving as quick as I can and bee-lining for you. You close the door and drive off.
Fuck you.
It's starting to rain.
You are lucky I wasn't able to make out your face Mr. Bus Driver, or it would have a fancy new shape the next time we met.

P.S. This happened yesterday, I posted to FB first then kinda forgot to here.

Less dead.

Feb. 25th, 2014 12:41 pm
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Pain that was in my leg preventing me from standing/walking is almost all gone now. Almost sad, as I was hoping to make my deadbeat roomate push me around Sobey's in a wheel chair, lol. But I may be able to return to work next week if progress continues to be good.

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Had some kinda attack/episode at 5:30am while at work, now I'll be in the hospital till at least Monday. Go life.

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Garry Chalk is the voice of He-Man in The New Adventures of He-Man, and the planet they are on is Eternia, in the future, now renamed...Primus.

Part 2!

Oct. 30th, 2012 04:44 pm
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And not a single fuck was given that day!
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And maybe cause WoW went on "regular" Tuesday Maintenance...

But I decided to get off my butt...then back on it, cause it's the same chair, and make these here icons for [personal profile] taichara since she loved the scene so much and kept hinting saying she'd love icons of it. So here ya go!

Like a Bawss!   Ow-che!          ee-oo-ah
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Crikey. Did you know that there's four episodes of Voltron Force AFTER "Gary" I have yet to watch? I didn't. Must rectify that, naow.

Mah brains

Mar. 17th, 2012 01:12 pm
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Something seems wrong here...

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Wow. Surprising. I DON'T have diabetes. Blood Sugar was high, but not too high. Cholesterol was ok (even I don't believe that), and blood pressure ok. Still at risk though, another blood test to do and referal to some diabetes place who have info on good foods to eat. Wish the old fumbly clinic doctor could have explained why I'm having symptoms of the calibur I'm having though. Makes me wonder what IS causing them.

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A Merry Christmas a Happy Hum Bug to my fellow peeps working today like me. My day started of with an alarm, how's by you?
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So, having recently beaten FF7 for the umpteenth time, I couldn't help but notice something. In EVERY scene including FMV's, he is depicted as right-handed. Yes, this includes the definitive walking through fire scene, in which he is holding his sword in his left hand. He had just killed two dudes with a "cave-man" strike, and has put the sword to rest in a sheathed position, but as he has no sheath nor scabbard, and the animators wanted the sword in the fire scene, for ultra-coolness factor, he is holding it, blade down, hand to tsuba. This is not a battle-ready position (at least not for Sephy's fighting style). This reminds me of KH, when people screamed about him being right-handed, and so they "corrected" it to left-handed for KH2, thus making the KH Universe Sephy ambidextrous. Plus he's an ever-changing manifestation of KH-Cloud's fucky subconscious anyways, or so KH-Sephy claims. Well I guess the real Sephy is ambidextrous too, and likes to switch for entire time-periods at a time.

Fuck Xmas

Oct. 24th, 2011 04:39 pm
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Long Live Halloween!

Watch his other Vids too!
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